Our History

Calvary Academy's roots began in the early 1970s as a daycare until many families began requesting it be expanded to a place for kindergarten students. As more and more families started to notice issues with drugs and violence in public schools, God simultaneously started to "trouble the nest" to guide the church towards establishing a Christian school–what would eventually become Calvary Academy. Since then, Calvary Academy has become a prestigious Christian school for pre-school through twelfth grade students.

Our Vision

We are committed to seeing our students experience a personal relationship with God while realizing their personal academic potential. We train and guide our students towards a relationship with Christ that will ultimately affect their approach to academia, friendships, and the future. This is our vision for Calvary Academy, and how we are developing Christian leaders for tomorrow.


Our Mission

We are called by God to create an environment where students grow to flourish and discover their potential in Christ. We partner with parents to lay academic excellence and collaborative academic planning on a foundation of Christian faith and character development.

With an atmosphere of genuine care, and considering personal investment into the lives of the child to be the norm–not the exception–we develop mature decision–makers who become strong Christian leaders, excel in their careers, and make an impact with their faith.


1730 West Jefferson St.

Springfield, IL 62702

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