We are committed to developing our students into the Christian leaders of tomorrow.  Through Collaborative Academic Planning, our students set achievable academic goals while flourishing in their unique gifts.  Our approach produces a culture of academic excellence and challenges students to explore the unique call God has on their lives.

We employ a collaborative process that brings students, parents, and school administration together to set goals, plan, evaluate, and monitor progress for every junior high and high school student.

Our administration is continuously analyzing the effectiveness of our curriculum, teaching methods, and faculty to deliver the best education for our students.

College Readiness
By focusing on core academic subjects, our college prep coursework prepares high school students for the demands of college-level academics and requirements. 

We create a safe, stable learning environment, free from distractions that would impede learning.

Student-Teacher Ratio
Our low student-to-teacher ratio provides a high level of individualized attention for the student, which has been linked to increased academic success.

Christian Worldview
Academics that are back-boned by a Christian worldview and a knowledge of the Bible, will prepare students for critical thinking through social and cultural issues.



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