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March 29, 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We continue to pray for the staff and families of The Covenant School in Nashville, TN. This senseless tragedy claimed the lives of three beautiful children and three dedicated staff members. We are praying for the families of the victims and the staff as they find a way forward.  

We here at Calvary Academy understand that you may have concerns about the safety of your children and the security measures in place and carried out daily at our school and day care. 

We want you to be aware of the extensive security measures already in place here at Calvary Academy and Calvary Day Care and our efforts to reinforce those measures.

For your information: 

  • We have a proprietary armed licensed security firm on site during school and day care hours.
  • Shatter-proof glass film was installed on windows and doors on our campus last fall.
  • Security cameras are routinely monitored at the front entrance, exterior of the school, and throughout the school building.
  • We exceed the required safety drills for fire, shelter-in-place, intruder alerts, evacuations, AED training, CPR training, Severe Weather & Storm Training, and other lockdown procedures to make sure we are prepared for an emergency.
  • Security monitoring devices and safety practices are continuously evaluated, tested, and updated in conjunction with the Superintendent’s vision on safety.
  • There is limited access to the building, including only two designated entrances. All other access points are locked to the exterior.
  • Staff members monitor and supervise areas such as hallways, cafeterias, and playgrounds.

Safety continues to be an ongoing conversation with our staff and students. As a reminder, parents are to enter through the main entrance of our campus and that each visitor is asked to stop at the receptionist desk. Day Care parents are asked to use the designated secure doors for Day Care drop-off and pick-up. Please do not open any door for someone else and be sure the door is securely closed as you exit. Please remind your students of this, too. Thank you for partnering with us to keep our students safe.

Our administration is currently considering other options to enhance our existing campus security, including revised check-in procedures for visitors, and will communicate those expectations as they are determined. Please keep in mind our first responsibility is to make sure our students and staff are safe. We encourage students, staff, and parents to be vigilant and report information if they see or hear something concerning. 

Safety is our number one priority.  Calvary Academy and Calvary Day Care will continue to strive to have the people, processes, infrastructure, and emergency plans in place throughout our building to help safeguard your children. If you ever have questions about school safety, please do not hesitate to contact me at 


Dr. Jay Hinckley, CA Superintendent



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