JH/HS After-School Care Guidelines

Calvary Academy offers free after-school care for JH and HS students.  The following are guidelines for parents and students to sign each school year.  We have the best interest of your children in mind and, with your support, our goal is to ensure the safety of each student in the After-School Care program.

After-School Care hours are from 3:30-5:30 p.m. every day - with the exception of Wednesday.  After-School Care is open til 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday to allow a safe option for our JH/HS students to attend youth groups held here on campus on Wednesday nights.  Contact Pastor Michael Johnson at Calvary Church for more information regarding youth groups. 

All JH/HS students on the Calvary Academy premises after school are required to report to the cafeteria and check in with the adult that is supervising by 3:30 p.m.  Students must have permission to leave once they have checked in with the supervisor.  Students must not be off the premises for longer than 45 minutes.

JH/HS students are not allowed to go to the gym.

For the safety and security of the students, admittance to the building is via the main entrance only.  The cafeteria and school foyer doors are for exit purposes only.  If a student is outside for any reason, they are expected to enter the building via the main entrance doors.  Students and staff are not to open the cafeteria or school foyer doors to admit anyone regardless of how well they may know them. 

While in the cafeteria, students are expected to maintain conduct becoming Calvary Academy students.  A supervisor may issue detention to a student should they deem it necessary.  The supervisor may talk to the parent when the student gets picked up about the behavior as well. Students are never permitted to sit on tables, stacks of chairs, or the countertops of the cafeteria.

Students must stay in dress code.  Athletes are required to stay in dress code until they leave After-School Care for practice.

Tables should be pulled far enough out from the walls to avoid chairs bumping into the walls.

Throwing of balls or bouncing of balls is not allowed.

It is expected that when your student leaves they are responsible to clean up their area.


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