Accreditations and Affiliations

Calvary Academy is accredited by or affiliated with the following organizations:

+ Illinois State Board of Education
+ Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
+ National Association of Secondary School Principals
+ The College Board
+ Illinois Elementary School Association
+ Illinois High School Association

Calvary Academy uses a variety of curricula, including BJU Press (Bob Jones University), Gospel Publishing House, Abeka, and Glencoe (McGraw-Hill).  The overarching goal of our approach to curriculum is to provide high-quality academic content while maintaining a Biblical world view.

Nationally standardized testing is conducted each year to evaluate student academic achievement.  These tests are also used as part of our continuous improvement process to evaluate the efficacy of both our curriculum and teaching methods.  Grades 3-10 use ACT Aspire and 11th-grade students take PSAT/ NMSQT and the ACT.

Calvary Academy is committed to expanding and enhancing the use of technology as an integral tool to enhance the educational experience.  Current uses of technology include SMART Boards, computers in each classroom, computer lab, science lab, high-speed Internet access, HeadMaster Online, and enhanced student-teacher-parent communication via voicemail, email, and Web technologies.

Colleges and Universities
Calvary Academy graduates have been accepted to numerous colleges and universities across the country, including such varied institutions as: the University of Illinois, Evangel University, Duke, Notre Dame, Cornell, Illinois Institute of Art, Belmont, Harvard, Purdue, Arizona State, Wheaton, Howard University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Morehouse, Oral Roberts, and Liberty University.

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in ministry, medicine, law, business, education, the U.S. military, art and design, technical and trade, government, and entertainment.

Board Of Education
Authority and duties of the Calvary Academy School Board of Education (hereafter referred to as the Academy Board of Education) shall be as conferred and prescribed by the Calvary Church Council interpretation of the authority and duties of the Academy Board of Education, it is understood that the Academy Board of Education shall act as a legislative body in determining the general policies for the control and operation of Calvary Academy.  The execution of these policies shall be the responsibility of the administrative staff directed by the Chief Administrative Officer.  All new legislation to be enacted and/or decisions that are outside existing policy are subject to the Calvary Church Council for approval.

Accreditation and Recognition
Calvary Academy is accredited through the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS) and is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education, which is the highest form of recognition the Illinois State Board of Education provides private schools.


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